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BeHear Access, Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier for Seniors, with Tinnitus Masking and Noise Reduction for Mild to Moderate Hearing Challenges

BeHear Access, Rechargeable Bluetooth Hearing Amplifier for Seniors, with Tinnitus Masking and Noise Reduction for Mild to Moderate Hearing Challenges

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Brand: BeHear

Color: Black


  • HEAR THE DIFFERENCE: BeHear Access Model II’s Bluetooth rechargeable wireless headset, amplifies sounds improving the clarity and volume to understand and communicate easier. A quick hearing assessment personalizes your headset and updates the settings.
  • EXPERIENCE CLEAR SOUND: Bluetooth lets you hear music, stream audio, conduct phone calls inches from your ears. An EasyListen feature slows speech to help understand every word and connects to the audio from your device to enjoy clear amplified sound.
  • EASY TO TUNE, ADJUST & HANDLE: Use the large accessible buttons on the headset or app to adjust and customize the volume, bass/treble as needed in real time. Do you have tinnitus? Use the unique soothing white noise generator to reduce the discomfort.
  • ADVANCE HEARING SOLUTION: Hearing assessment automatically creates a custom profile capturing your listening preferences for TV, computer, music, 1 on 1 and phone conversations. A noise reduction feature reduces background noise to hear people better.
  • ENHANCING VOICE COMMUNICATION: Alango Technologies Ltd. is committed to customer satisfaction and offers a 1 year warranty. Contact our Customer Support Center for step by step help with Bluetooth connectivity and the BeHear hearing assessment phone app.

model number: ABH-120

Part Number: BeHear_Access

Details: Wear & Hear Better

When your hearing is poor, your life suffers. You miss out on music, grandkids' coos, phone calls with family, and more. Hear better with BeHear ACCESS! Filter out trivial sounds and amplify what you want to hear with advanced tech from Alango Technologies. Combined with a powerful sound processor, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and 24 combinations of varying sizes and shapes of earbuds and hooks, you can finally hear clearly and comfortably.

Enhance the sounds you love. Filter out the unnecessary.

Meet your Bluetooth headset's innovative features:

  • ListenThrough keeps you safe by permitting sirens, human speech, and other relevant sounds to be heard while you are listening to streamed audio.
  • EasyListen ensures you never fall far behind. Stay connected with fast-talking loved ones over the phone by slowing down speech without distortion or lag time.
  • Sound amplification + 4-level noise reduction delivers clear, focused sound.
  • Built-in telecoil receivers enhance hearing in noisy places equipped with hearing loops such as theaters, houses of worship, and concert halls without interference, reverberation, and background noise.
  • 6 hearing presets: Indoor, Outdoor, Crowd, Live Music, Telecoil Transparent, and Telecoil Exclusive.
  • Voice prompts inform you of the selected hearing profile.
  • Over-the-air free software upgrades wirelessly keep your device up-to-date, with all the latest features.

    Time to Tune In

    Stop arguing about the TV volume. Instead, stream sound straight from the TV when you pair BeHear ACCESS with HearLink PLUS! Watch TV at your preferred volume, minus any lagging, reverberation, or ambient noise. With HearLink PLUS and BeHear headphones for TV listening, you can:

  • Hear vital sounds with ListenThrough.
  • Talk on the phone while it automatically pauses and unpauses TV audio.

    Package Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.8 x 2.1 inches

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