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Airofit Pro ™ Breathing Exercise Device for Lungs Created by The Most Recognized Breathing Experts On The Planet | Lung Exerciser Device - Perfect for Athletes & Everyone Seeking Better Fitness

Airofit Pro ™ Breathing Exercise Device for Lungs Created by The Most Recognized Breathing Experts On The Planet | Lung Exerciser Device - Perfect for Athletes & Everyone Seeking Better Fitness

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Brand: Airofit

Color: Red


  • BREATHING EXERCISER - Airofit Pro is a precision lung exerciser device with more than 5 years of extensive research and development. It is an all-in-one breathing trainer that improves breathing performance through personalized tailored breathing exercises. Whether you're running, cycling, swimming or simply want overall better wellbeing, an improved respiratory system will benefit YOU.
  • BETTER HEART AND BRAIN HEALTH - Using Airofit Pro for at least 10 minutes daily can strengthen your breathing muscles leading to a lower risk of heart attack and a significant boost in cognitive performance. Our deep breathing lung exerciser can help you with focus, deeper sleep, and an overall improved mental health and cardiovascular function. Airofit Pro is designed to be used separately from any other physical activity.
  • PRECISION ENGINEERED - Designed and Manufactured in Denmark to the highest of standards and quality, our Airofit Pro allows you to train your lungs with the same expert precision as if you were working personally with an athletic respiratory coach. Our breathing trainer is the most time-efficient, evidence-based ergogenic training adjunct available. Just check out our reviews and you’ll see why so many people love Airofit Pro
  • USE ANYWHERE & TRUSTED BY ELITE ATHLETES - Thanks to its innovative design, you can train whenever and wherever you like, making it convenient to fit this training into your daily schedule. Airofit breath trainer is praised as a game changer by professional European athletes from all types of sports. But athlete or not, our breathing exercise device will increase your accessible lung capacity and strengthen your respiratory muscles in as little as 3 weeks.
  • BONUS TRAINING APP - Our free and easy-to-use mobile app will walk you through a variety of data-driven breathing programs to ensure you get the best results in the shortest time possible. Airofit Pro has bluetooth connectivity for live program guidance, feedback, and progress tracking. Simply download the Airofit App from App Store or Google Play Store and start tracking your progress!

Details: If you have ever run out of breath, Airofit is for you! HOW IT WORKS: Airofit generates resistance on your respiratory muscles. Your breathing muscles respond to training like any other muscle group - they become faster, stronger and more efficient. This gives you more energy and endurance in physical activities and better wellbeing on daily basis. Airofit consists of a Breathing Trainer and a Mobile App. The combination of both gives you live feedback and guidance to ensure all exercises are performed correctly. It also allows you to measure your lung function and follow the progress over time. TAILORED TO YOU: All Airofit training is tailored specifically to you – it’s based on your age, gender, size, physical ability and preference to ensure you can focus on the areas that matter to you. Airofit has proved to be beneficial to anyone – from elite athletes, to everyday people, to even the older generation that suffers from respiratory illnesses. Airofit fits in even the busiest of schedules. It is designed to be used separately from other physical activities, so you can train anytime, anywhere – for example from your couch in front of the TV. TRAIN ONLY 5-10 MINUTES A DAY Airofit is used separately from other physical activity, not during exercise. Short training sessions in the mornings and evenings are proven to bring significant improvements. BETTER PERFORMANCE IN SPORTS By training the strength, speed and efficiency of your breathing muscles, you improve your vital capacity, anaerobic thresholds and aerobic performance. IMPROVED OVERALL WELLBEING Never run out of breath taking the stairs or carrying groceries. Improved breathing muscle strength is beneficial to anyone, from athletes to those willing to improve their everyday lives.

EAN: 0745114335647

Package Dimensions: 7.0 x 6.6 x 2.6 inches

Languages: English

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